Teaching Practice//

These are some examples of my students’ work from 2009 – present.  Classes include Intro to 2D, 3D Modeling and Digital Fabrication, Robotics, and Animation/Motion Graphics.

3D Modeling/Digital Fabrication//

Students were introduced to Cinema 4D and the basic pipeline for rendering/texturing and 3D printing/Laser cutter output.

Projects included envisioning digital fabricated prosthetics, using data in a 3-Dimensional Space, and micro-robotic machines.



Students built on their previous knowledge of Cinema 4D and learned about animation and motion graphics.

Many were working on Senior Thesis projects and the class was used as a sounding board for their ideas.

Topics included rigging, character animation, motion graphics pipelines, non-linear storytelling, sound design, and projection mapping.

Intro to 2D//

This course focused on giving students an introduction to 2D design, form, image manipulation, and basic programming.

Software used included Photoshop, Illustrator, and Processing.

Students were engaged in a dialogue about technology futurism, collage and transparency, Art and Technology historical contexts, data visualization, and generative image programming.


Students were introduced to basic programming and electrical theory using the Arduino platform and Max/MSP/Jitter.